Movie Credits

A great friend of mine works in the movie industry all over the world. He’s based in Japan, so most of his work is here, but his work takes him all over. A couple of years back, I really wanted to see what his work was like. It was also when drones were becoming more common. I impulsively bought one, then another. At around the second one (a prosumer DJI Inspire), he invited me on a job. I got a gig with a German movie, which paid. He also pulled some strings to get me on a shoot for an action flick. It’s called “Darc” and it’s on Netflix now.


And I got actual movie credits for it.

For him, this is an everyday occurrence. For me, it is like a fairy tale. In the end, the drone footage I shot was never used (ah well). But hey, with this I could register myself on IMDB. I am clearly way too excited about this.

I had been waiting for a long time to see what would happen to the movie. It is a very (perhaps even extremely) stereotypical action movie. A kid is orphaned when his mother is murdered by his nemesis. In the intervening years, he gains amazing skills as a badass. He is released from prison to help his old friend, a cop whose daughter is being held by the nemesis. The badass kicks everyone’s ass, has a chaste relationship with a neighbor (and then with a prostitute). Bad guys kill the girlfriend which sets him off. Eventually, he frees the daughter (of course). The only minor change from the formula is that he doesn’t survive.

There were many other problems with the movie, but I won’t go through all of them here. Suffice it to say that the lead looked way too old and too chubby for the part. The acting was pretty wooden where it wasn’t over the top.

I don’t actually recommend watching it. But if you happen to have Netflix, you can skip to the credits at around 1 minute and 46 seconds remaining.


Maybe not really a big deal but this really made my day.


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