I just watched It’s Kind of a Funny Story, a movie from like ten years ago. I’d never seen it. That’s part of living abroad sometimes, you just miss stuff.

It was, if you’ve never seen it, a story about a teenager who is suicidal, but learns to deal with his problems. He learns to love what he has, love his friends, realize he’s actually pretty well off, as long as he can stop putting so much pressure on himself.

In the end, instead of feeling that he needs to over achieve, he just wants to draw pictures, love his family, and make out with his flawed but wonderful girlfriend. He’s figured it out. Life is good, happy ending. Right? Super wonderful uplifting story redemption and love.

I look it up online and find it’s based on a book, which I then look up. Turns out, the book was based on the author’s real experience in 2004. Then I learn that the author killed himself in 2013.

Like I got the sad epilogue to this great story. And the guy never really overcame. His depression pulled him under.

And it just made me cry.


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