It’s My habit

… to have a highball or two at the end of a long day at work. It’s my grandfather’s drink, but I don’t mind; I’m self actualized.

It’s usually just one. Maybe two. Just a night cap till “once more into the breach.” Tonight was different, I bought a canned highball, labelled “strong.”

And so it was. Beacause I had more than one. And the label says that one is like two, for double the alcohol. So I had like six.

And I just rolled over in bed, trying to get comfortable reading a Steve Hockensmith short story (his collection of Santa stories (no affiliate or anything, just check it out, oh, and highly recommended so far), and I swear to you I just got the bed spins. For like three minutes.

So maybe I gotta curb the habit. or change my drink.


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