November Shodo

I was away on a business trip for two weeks in November. OK, I was away for one week on business. The other week was all about gaming with friends. Nearly 16 hours of board gaming, everyday, for 5 days, only interrupted by breakfast at I-HoP or the local diner. Compound that with an early submission date for Shodo this month (by the 10th, not the 15th as usual), and I had very little time to complete my Shodo . What this meant was that I had to write all my submissions in two hours yesterday.

Clearly, this is not ideal.

In the past, however, I would never have been able to complete the work in those two hours. It used to take me at least two weekends to complete a kana submission that even approximated the assignment. This time, I had 3 decent ones in the first hour, and 3-4 practice tries. Check it out below.

For kanji, I have stopped with the Gan Shinkei style and gone with a harder style this month. Don’t know why, except that the mood struck me. Again, I needed to rush. I got three done pretty well in the hour I had. I doubt I will rank up, but the fact that I felt comfortable in cranking stuff out in a short time says that I have reached a certain amount of comfort.


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