I’m starting to think that I should have taken these leveling tests a long time ago. The monthly grind is good, but progress is gradual. Then I take this test and Bam! 2 levels, or 3. 

Kana has been my strong suit all along, much to my surprise, and this time is no exception. I used to be 3rd kyu till last month, but after my test, they got me at 1st kyu. Amazingly, that’s two ranks in one test.

This puts me, amazingly, within striking distance of 1st dan, not this year or even next, but someday and it’s not just a dream. From here I’ve got junkyu, something else, and yuukyu before hitting dan.  Below is one of the kana that brought me here today. 

And here is the certificate to prove it

Also amazingly, kanji jumped 3 levels, from 6 to 3rd kyu. I was more than just a little surprised by this. I’d been expecting a level, maybe, if I’m lucky. And here I am jumping 3 levels. Honestly, what I submitted was pretty average. But hey, I’ll take it. Here is what I submitted. 

And here is the proof



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