April Shodo

April I feel pretty good about kana. I used to worry about where to move my brush and when. Now, it seems to just happen. I also used to bend my brush at a little bit of an angle. Now, I’m pretty much straight up and down. I’ts been a long time since I wrote … More April Shodo

March Shodo

I did some new Japanese Calligraphy in March. The work we write in March gets submitted around week two of the following month. This is a little late to post about, but I like what I did so I’m sharing it now. Kana is my best area. It flows and connects from one word to … More March Shodo

January Shodo

I kind of like my kanji submission this month. I still feel awkward and clumsy with the size, especially with the non-cursive style I have to use. But this month was fun if not skillful. Below is my kana submission. While I think I could have done better, I feel like I know more specifically … More January Shodo

December Shodo

Kanji hasn’t really improved since last year, but my rankings among the 3 kyu skews a little to the top. I’m going to try to test up in February. Until then, I plod along with the following, which means think a thousand (times), ponder ten thousand. Which is kind of saying the same thing twice, … More December Shodo

November Shodo

I feel like I’m starting to get the basics. The below is still pretty pedestrian, but the balance was good, and I feel like I started to “get it” a bit more than usual. This month’s kana is a waka (和歌), a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable poem. When I was writing it I didn’t really understand the … More November Shodo