December Shodo

Kanji hasn’t really improved since last year, but my rankings among the 3 kyu skews a little to the top. I’m going to try to test up in February. Until then, I plod along with the following, which means think a thousand (times), ponder ten thousand. Which is kind of saying the same thing twice, but I figure that’s part of thinking a thousand times, no?.

Kana hasn’t moved much either, still 1 kyu, but my Sensei told me today that nobody would know by looking that the below was written by a foreigner. I take that as about the highest praise that she could give. I’ll take a level up test for this in February, too. First dan is still out of reach, but maybe this will set me up for next year?





It is a Waka poem by a guy called Kino Tsurayuki (紀貫之).

Kind of hard to translate, mostly because of my lack of skill, but it’s about scattered flowers and the spring.


7 thoughts on “December Shodo

      1. Since the move I haven’t really had a chance to do anything significant. We’re living with my parents until I find work and – sadly – my Mom’s obsessive compulsive disorder (the actual kind, not just the daily usage of the word) has gotten so bad I couldn’t get away with doing something so potentially messy without it being the end of the world. Hopefully once I get employed and we move and get our own place I can get back on track. In the meantime it’s ペン字 I guess.


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