Japan is Awesome – Health News

When I say awesome, I kind of mean “messed up.”

Take the image below…

This is in one of my favorite free health news magazines. I pass by a pharmacist near my neighborhood, and every month or so there is a new magazine. The above is from the end of last year, but it was still on the shelf, so I picked it up.

Now I’m not saying that this is necessarily a good thing (remember my caveat at the beginning), but it certainly made me think about the health topic. What is that health topic? Diarrhea and constipation. It focuses your attention right on the subject of your bum (or a bum anyway, or the model’s bum, to be honest), and it makes you think about getting stuck right in the middle of the slide down the tube.

So, question: if it gets your attention and makes you think about the intended subject, is it OK? Hard to say. But there it is.


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