Shodo – Mountain Village in Spring

My kana practice from last month is another waka poem. The rough translation is below.

The fragrance of plums
Among the sounds around you
The familiar chirp of the bush warbler
Mountain village in Spring


As a side note, the bush warbler doesn’t really have the poetic punch that another bird might have, say the nightingale or the skylark. But in JP, the bush warbler is like the Frank Sinatra of birds. Only a lot more camera shy. The bird is tiny and brown, and hard to find. But its call is everywhere and all the time, kind of like BTS.

The sound goes kind of like hoe (pause) hoekay-kyo. Young Japanese bush warblers are apparently not very good at the call when they first start out, but learn to sing by imitating others, kind of like a boy band.


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