Shodo – Universal truth (not a fortune cookie)

My kanji for the month is part of an 8 kanji phrase, like many are. See below for the whole thing. I wrote the last four.

天地玄黄 宇宙洪荒

But I’ll start with the first two. Tenchi means sky and ground, or for the poets out there, heaven and earth. It basically means everything and everywhere. Then Genkou, which means black and yellow, or all colors in the whole range of light.

This is followed by Uchu, which means the universe. Finally Koukou, translates to “great and rough.”

I could be way off but I think that altogether it means, “The world we know is full of color and wonder, but the universe is great and unknowable”

I could be reading way too much into it, but sometimes I like it that way.


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