Level Up – Kana

Hey, it’s been forever since I’ve been able to show some progress, but in the March issue of Shodo Geijutsu, the magazine for my Shodo group, you can read that I made it to yukyu. This is up from 1 kyu. Check out the cover of the mag:

My name has a big old circle above it in the 1 kyu listing.

There are still two levels to go before shodan, but it means that dan is in reach, and possible, something I didn’t really even imagine three years ago when i started this with my daughter.



13 thoughts on “Level Up – Kana

      1. I hadn’t been much for the reasons I talked about last time, but I have finally found work, moved to Ohio, and we have a place (and I bought a nice desk) so I’m ready to get to work ; )
        I did manage to get my 2nd Dan in kanji though!

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      2. Snail mail.
        Which means I get like one week to practice stuff before I have to send it.
        Not ideal but now that I can actually practice each day it should be easier. I’ll just work on assignments when I can and then practice classics the rest of the time.

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      1. Yeah, I studied Mandarin as an undergrad, lived in Taichung for a little over a year. My first experience with calligraphy was at Donghai University. I never touched it again for decades till just three years ago in Japan. Now I’m really enjoying it.


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